Blogging Predictions For 2012 | Round Up

graphI personally am too big of a chicken to make predictions. Mine would be very generic like:

  1. Video is going to be even more important in the next year.
  2. Written blogging is not going to stop.
See? Basically nothing. I do know some ladies that make predictions every year, and I think they do a good job at it.
Kim Moldofsky truly believes that “the rising {blogging} tide raises all {blogging} boats” and actively helps bloggers as well as brands. She wrote How Will Social Media Moms Fare In 2012? My favorite part – besides her mention of me – is:

Building up a presence on YouTube give readers a new way to connect with you, provides a chance for brands to see you in action, and brings your content to a new audience (albeit one with a lot of stupid comments).

Jennifer James is another generous blogger that tells mom bloggers what they need to know and creates a community for them to help each other. She wrote 15 Mom Blogging Predictions for 2012. My favorite part of her prediction:

I am much more apt to watch a mom’s video that she uploads onto Youtube than the glossy stuff that’s professionally produced. … Brands have been toying with video and mom bloggers for a few years now, but 2012 will see an outbreak of video content.

I have not met Holly Pavlika but I think her 2012 Predictions For Marketing To Moms is right on. My favorite part is about….wait for it…video!

Moms are also finding that their personal channels on YouTube can turn them into web celebs, lead to book deals and make them money with the right content. Brands need to jump on the video bandwagon if they want to stay engaged with mom.

Another point Holly made that resonated with me:

She may not be an early adopter, but she is taking the digital landscape by storm while still consuming traditional media like email, TV and magazines.

So they really do talk about other things beside online video, but I love online video so that’s what I focus on. Other themes I’ve seen a lot of in these and other posts are that

  • Pinterest is huge,
  • moms like mobile,
  • moms also like to feel good and do good [duh!] so if the product/marketing helps with that it’s better received.
  • and content is still King!
So go get ‘em Mom Bloggers!
Anything you think I should add?
Any other great prediction posts to recommend?

P.S. For a win-win situation create video with your mobile device. I recommend the iPhone Video Hero course for further learning.

About Jendi

Jendi Pagano lives in PA with her husband, stays busy homeschooling her 3 children, and tries to make sure the animals get fed. Her daily life blog is Jendi's Journal and tweets @jendisjournal. She started making online videos, quickly became addicted, and now actively video blogs, creates formal videos, records live events, and creates & markets videos for clients. She launched Simple Vlogging Tips to help other new vloggers. She formed Scenes and Cinema, LLC. for her work as a Videographer, Social Media Director, Writer, and Virtual Assistant with an emphasis on video marketing & creation.


  1. I’m not into making predictions either. I’m all about setting goals though. I like what these ladies said that you highlighted Jendi and I’m looking forward to going and reading each of their blog posts that you linked to.

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