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Hi- I’m Ila.

I’m a lifestyle blogger, blogging about our family life. I write about a lot of things: inspirational, spiritual, awareness advocacy, life as a stay-at-home mom, & sometimes… I just write about random topics of interest. :)

Originally, I created my website to write about Our Family struggles with my love having MS and the impact of that on our family. However, he is doing wonderful right now (Thank God). He doesn’t struggle with life as much now and that is a true blessing for our family.

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Glitter & Bruises

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Glitter and Bruises is a humorous, authentic blog that features episodes of actual experience in the life of a First Generation Greek-American Millennial Drag Queen trapped in a Mother’s body.


Wonderstruck Button

Wonderstruck is a spot where I will promote products I love, share stories, ideas, pinterest inspired projects, recipes, inspirational quotes and MUCH more.

WonderstruckWW is a PASSION of mine. It makes my HEART SING! I love having the chance to interact with so many lovely people. Having a creative outlet has been more REWARDING than I could ever have DREAMED. I hope you can see the JOY in this blog!


Mommy and Boys

Military Lifestyle blog. Family, Health, Fitness, Travel & Fun

Bottles, Bibs & Stilettos


My blog focuses on faith, fashion and beauty, cooking, DIY, home decor and all things Mommy.

Parenting with Parents


Parenting with Parents is a hilarious blog about trying to raise 3 young children under the same roof as my in-laws while recovering from depression.

Parenting with Parents


Parenting with Parents is a hilarious blog based on raising 3 young children while living under the same roof as my in-laws. I write about depression as well since my bout with depression is the reason we live with my in-laws.

Little Dinosaur Baby

Follow my journey through pregnancy and beyond, where I’ll be raising a little ‘dino’ in an eco friendly way. Read eco friendly product reviews, see cute comfy clothes for babies and read about my journey of giving birth and raising a baby in a foriegn country – Thailand.

Real Mommy’s Blog


About being a mom, having twins, yummy food, beauty and the best giveaways



Just a couple of parents trying to avoid going insane by venting and sharing all our funny thoughts and intimate secrets online. Yoshi’s the dad. Bree’s the momma. And there’s this little hellraiser called Maverick who has stolen our hearts. We also happen to have two dogs, two ferrets, a ball python, and a turtle.
We’re just here, to survive what we call, the parent trap.

Mommy’s Favorite Things


Honest Reviews, a Little About Life, and Giveaways Too!

Guerrilla Housewife

Blogging about life, being a mom, stepmom and raising a multi cultural family.

The Coers Family

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How does she do it? As a mother of six (three teenagers, a toddler, and infant twins), I’m constantly asked how I manage our daily routine without going crazy. I started this blog to share our organizational tips, homeschooling advice, recipes, adventures, funny stories and more.

Army Wife & Mommy


My blog is about life in general as an Army wife of an active duty soldier and a SAHM! I love to blog about cooking, recipes, crafts, giveaways, product reviews, and anything else that strikes my fancy!

Ot & Et


marketing mama married to a math papa. Ot is four and awesome. Et is 1 and awesome. ‘currently’ linkup every Thursday.

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