Learn How To Move From Blogger To Self Hosted WordPress

This is a guest post from Courtney Chowning.

I will admit it, when I first started blogging I started with Google Blogger. It was the only blogging platform I knew about. But it didn’t take long for me to discover WordPress. Within two months of starting my first blog, I moved from Google Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress blog and I haven’t looked back.

I understand how a new blogger can be reluctant to invest money in a domain name and web hosting as WordPress requires, especially if they are just checking out the blogging world or starting a blog as a hobby. Regardless of why you blog though, the most important aspect of using a self-hosted blogging platform like WordPress is that you actually own your blog and content. By using WordPress I have total control. I’m not giving some third party, like Google, complete control.

Just because you want to have total control of your blog doesn’t make you a control freak.

Once you have been blogging for a while, it becomes a part of your life and it makes sense to want to be able to design it, modify it, and access it when and where you want to. Using the self-hosted version of WordPress gives you that control and ensures you that you can create a blog that is 100% unique and you.

Another advantage to hosting your blog yourself is that it means your audience won’t have to remember a long domain name and you can choose any URL you want. When you’re hosting your website on a blogging platform like Google you are given a domain like this: http://yourdomainname.blogspot.com. By going this route your domain name can present challenges to your blog readers.

One challenge is that your blogging host may deny the domain name you wish to you for a number of different reasons; including the possible that someone else already has the name. It can be very confusing to have a domain name not match the name of your site. For example, if your blog is named A Place to Blog, but the domain aplacetoblog.blogspot.com is already taken and you choose yourname2012.blogspot.com instead, readers are not going to remember how to get to your blog. Your blog name and domain name should match. It’s also hard to remember a long domain name and a pain to type the entire thing into a web browser. (Yes, you can use your own domain with Google Blogger, WordPress.com, and other hosted platforms, but often times you have to pay extra to do so.)

Depending on why you blog this next hurdle is a biggie. Many hosted blogging restrict what you can do on your blog, especially if you are trying to make money. Many don’t allow affiliate promotions and they don’t allow you to sell ad space or participate in PPC to make money. Host it yourself and you can sell or promote whatever you want on your blog.

Do you want to move from a hosted blogging platform like Google Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress blog? What’s keeping you from doing so? Is it the money for hosting, the technical knowhow, or lack of time? Join me on July 24, 2012 in a live workshop where Iwill show you how easy it is to move from a hosted blogging platform like Google Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

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