Make Your Mom Blogging Go Pop With A Podcast

I’m doing a live webinar event about Podcasting next week with David Perdew of Niche Affiliate Marketing System, that’s the offline event I traveled to in February and plan to go back for in August. It’s pretty exciting to be invited to speak to the group and I have my pal Nicole Dean to thank for that.

What is a Podcast?

Simply put, when you serve a media file through your RSS feed (by linking to it) you are podcasting.  A podcast can be audio or video and can take on a variety of formats.

A podcast is easy to start – you already have a blog so the platform is ready.  Deciding what to podcast is probably the most challenging step.

I have always believed that Moms make great podcasters.  We’re natural relationship builders and love a good chat. Give us a topic we care about and we’ll take off with it.  I’ve helped a lot of moms start podcasts over the year – some who stuck with it and have built up a faithful audience.

Take my pal Tara Crooks of Army Wife Network.  She launched her podcast within a year after I started my own and today it’s the foundation of an incredible business.  It started with her personal interest and status as an army wife and grew into something pretty remarkable.

Do you have a passion that you’d like to share in a more intimate way? Audio is a powerful connector and video even more so. Your readers WANT it – that’s reason enough to give it some consideration, don’t you think?

Whether you’ve given Podcasting a thought before – DO come to the webinar and let me work my powers of persuasion on you ;)

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