Pinterest Can Help Build Your Blog

Pinterest is one of my favorite social media platforms.  I have found tons of great information that has helped me in my blogging career.  I wanted to share a few of my favorite boards with you.  Hopefully you will see the great information you can acquire and they will help you too.

Let’s take a look at these boards

My first one is the Board  Blogging and Social Media by Sunshine and Sippy Cups.   The board has a couple of good pins that refer to information about Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and using Social Media to drive traffic to your site. The pins that caught my eye on her board are The Blog Guidebook and How To Make Money Blogging

Then there is Gwen’s Nest that has a great board called Webmaster Stuff.  She has pinned useful pins named How to Add Links Back To Your Blog Post, Boost Your Blog Traffic, 10 Secret Ways To Grow Your Blog and many more.

Next there is A Hen’s Nest whose board that I found and enjoyed was Blogging Tips.  This board has information relating to Blog Post, Monetizing, and Article Writing.   A few pins I enjoyed were How To Monetize in 2012 and Dynamic Pitch Letter

Lastly we have Norma Doiron who has a board called Blog Posts that has information about Building Your Blog and one not always touched on is mindset for building your online business.  The boards I checked out here were On Page SEO, Blog Posts, and Winners Find A Way To Win.

I love Pinterest because it is a visual social media.  You can share and organize all the products, books, and resources you love.  It is a way to provide information for others; sharing with your family or especially those in your niche if you are working and building your online business.  I believe you can find boards and pins on almost any subject.

Now get out there and go pinning.  What are some of your favorite Boards and Pins?

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