New StudioPress Themes We Think Moms Might Like

We are big fans of StudioPress and their Genesis Framework for WordPress.  We’re using the Lifestyle Child Theme here on Mom Blogger Pro.

If you’re used to using free WordPress themes it may seem like a leap to start paying for ‘Premium’ themes.  Your investment to get started with Genesis and one Child theme is $99.95.  (If you want access to all of their themes, you’ll spend $299.95.)  It’s a lot of money – we know!

So why did we gladly invest in StudioPress? 

Well, their themes are fantastic.  They’re beautiful to look at and they’re packed with all of the latest WordPress bells and whistles.  They have lots of widgets to work with and help us keep our plugin needs down to a minimum.  And – they have a thriving support forum where we’re able to stop in and ask questions anytime.

There are plenty of pretty free themes out there, but free means no support.  It’s been our experience that it’s common to run into trouble and not have anywhere to turn.

Newer StudioPress Themes We Think Moms Might Like:

Luscious Child Theme & Fabric Child Theme

The all access license ($299) is worth choosing if you have several blogs or like to redecorate your blog often.  StudioPress releases new themes fairly often and you get access to them at no extra cost.

They also have this new StudioPress Marketplace where freelance designers submit their own child theme designs for Genesis.  These themes aren’t covered under the regular license but they are priced low, just $24.95 each.  We see a lot of cute designs there and look forward to more.

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