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It’s just me this week, doing a brain dump about networking. I hope you can get some ideas or reminders from the podcast. Here’s some things I touch on:

  • What networking is.
  • How NOT to network.
  • Places to network – online and off.
  • Finding more people to connect with.

I have 2 more interviews lined up for upcoming podcasts. So stay tuned!

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Learn More About Facebook Through These Links


If Facebook were a country it would be the fourth largest in the world. Like every country, it has it’s good points and bad points. Remember to not put anything on a social media site that you wouldn’t want on a billboard. There is really no privacy.

Sometimes it seems like Facebook and social media are killing manners. Other times it’s making lives better by helping people find a date.

Facebook has a new patent for a personalized news feed and people are experimenting to see how the top news feed works.

Sometimes you may have to take a break from Facebook, but it’s good to at least have a presence there. After all there are potentially 500 Million Ways to Make Money on Facebook. So spruce up your fan page with these Facebook page templates and keep a presence there – even if it’s low key.

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Facebook Places: What Do You Think?

Facebook Places

Facebook Places has officially launched. Following in the steps of services like Foursquare and Gowalla, Places is Facebook’s venture into the geolocation space.  Basically, it’s a check-in tool where users can notify their online friends of their whereabouts offline. One distinct feature of Places is the ability to tag friends who are in the same location. Mashable has created A Field Guide to Using Facebook Places to get you going. It shares important tweaks for the service if privacy is an issue for you. I could see this being fun for Tweetups and conferences.  What do you think?

photo credit: dnfisher

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