WordPress Theme Picks for Moms, 10-10-08

Here are my pics for great looking WordPress Themes that a Mom Blogger could love.  Since this is a brand new blog and I’ve never posted my faves before you’ll probably see some older themes here.  Eventually though this will be a feature of NEW themes moms bloggers could love ;)

If you’ve been looking for a WordPress Blog Theme for your family blog, I think you’d like.  I love the random pics on the sidebar.

I like how this theme highlights a photo in the header, I think moms would really like that.

This is clean and simple and provides a great spot for a picture.

My niece (a mom of quadruplet one year olds)  rarely has time to blog words – but she likes to blog pictures.  I think she’d love this theme:

Gosh this is cute as can be for a family with little ones but I hate the black background so you’ll need to be handy with CSS :)

That’s it for this week :)   What do you think of these themes?  Thumbs up or down?


  1. These are all nice themes, but I personally like to keep everything simple and white. I don’t like dark themes and big headers.

    Courtney´s last blog post..Counting Bunnies

  2. I really like the top theme and would like to move my Blogger blog to WordPress, but am not sure if I’m savvy enough to do that yet! I will keep that theme in mind when I get the courage to do so!

    I like black theme’s personally but I know others don’t which is why I don’t use one. I like color too, but nothing too bright that’s hard on the eyes. I really hate the “typical blue” that is used on a lot of themes. It’s so…well…typical…lol. And I LOVE the idea of a picture in the header. I think for a mom blog, it’s nice to see the author’s smiling face at the top of her blog.

    Last but not least, I like the photo blog theme. It IS great for mom’s who don’t have a ton of time (and who does???) to spend writing, but instead would like to post some photos and write a sentence or two about them. They say “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and I certainly agree!!!

    I look forward to more great stuff on here!

  3. Frugal WAHMs Talk Radio sent me over, and I’ve just added you to my reader! Glad to find a new resource for us blogging moms whose blog is their job. I look forward to reading – and moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress. I am so ready for the change! It’s in the works and coming soon.

  4. I really like the second one and the last one:)

  5. WordPress themes just keep getting cuter and cuter! I like the bottom one. Although I never let a color deter me because chosing a theme. I’m been doing WordPress theme modifications for years and always tweak anything that I don’t care for.

  6. Natalie A. says:

    I love the last one. I have been using it for a while now and really just suits me.

    Natalie A.´s last blog post..Hello world!

  7. was here! :D will use the Girl WordPress Theme. hihi!

    Pinay Mama
    Elijah's Crib

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